Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rainy Day Places

Here are some places I take the kids when the weather is bad.

Washington City Community Center
Located at 350 N. Community Center Drive in Washington
Sports, climbing wall, aquatic center, fitness, daycare facility, & more.
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Jumpin' Jacks 
Located at 314 N. 3050 E. South of Costco
Open M-Th 11am-8pm & Fri-Sat 10am-9pm
Price: Kids 2-3 years old $5, Kids 4 & up $8, Parents $5 if jumping, free if not
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Remember to bring socks!

Antigravity Arena
Located at 415 S. Dixie Drive
Open M-Th Noon-10pm, Fri Noon-11pm, Sat. 10am-11pm
Price: Kids 5+ $8 the first hour and $5 additional hours,
Kids 4 & Under $5 the first hour and $4 each additional hour
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The Washington and St. George Blvd locations have great play areas.
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Washington County Libraries
Check out my previous Post about all the library activities in St. George, Hurricane, Washington, Springdale, New Harmony, Enterprise, and Santa Clara.

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