Monday, June 25, 2012

Library This Week

Library Summer Reading Program
This Week:

Monday, June 25th
St. George 10am & 11am Story Time with Grandpa Steve, 3pm Summer Reading – Magical Miniature Horses

Tuesday, June 26th
Hurricane 10:30 & 11:30am Summer Reading – Build and Grow Project
Springdale 2pm Summer Reading
Washington 10:30am Story Time

Wednesday, June 27th
St. George Library 10am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm Story Time with Mrs. Mann, 7pm Sr. Mother-Daughter Book Club
Santa Clara 10am summer Reading – Stargazing
Hurricane 4pm Teen Gaming: Video gaming, board gamin, and CCG’s all around.
New Harmony 1pm Summer Reading –Sheriff
Enterprise 10:30am Summer Reading – Constellations
Springdale 7pm Book Group

Thursday, June 28th
St. George 10am, 11am, 2pm Toddler Time
Hurricane 10:30 & 11:30am Summer Reading – Dream Works
Washington 10:30am Story Time, 2pm Summer Reading – Washington Police, 7pm Board Game Night
Santa Clara 10am Toddler Time

Friday, June 29th
St. George 11am Toddler Time
Washington 10:30am Story Time, 6-9pm Summer Reading – Teen Fright Night
Santa Clara 2pm Movie “Sleeping Beauty,” 6pm Teen Movie “Zathura”
Springdale 2pm Teen Summer Reading

Saturday, June 30th
New Harmony
2-4pm Live Music and Dance

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