Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Running Form Workshop 10/19/11

Running Form Workshop 
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @7
Hosted by Altra Running

There will be video form analysis and expert advice on how to improve your running mechanics. This is the best way to up your running game and prevent injuries. FREE! Located at the St. George Running Center: 2736 E. Red Cliffs Drive #2, St. George, UT

I benefited from the last running form workshop the St. George Running Center had. I may attend this one as well. It isn't fun to see yourself on film running, but it helps so much to see what you are doing right and wrong and how you can improve your form.
The St. George running Club will start some fun trail runs twice a month starting November 12th. Sign up at the Running Center to be put on the e-mail list. It doesn't cost to join in the club runs! Like them on Facebook: StGeorgeRunningCenter or find their website at: http://www.stgeorgerunningcenter.com/

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