Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TeenSERT Training

TeenSERT Training for ages 14-18
Training provides critical skills for emergency preparedness and response.
  • Identify and anticipate hazards
  • Reduce fire hazards in the home
  • Extinguish small fires
  • Assist emergency responders
  • Conduct light search and rescue
  • Apply basic medical techniques
  • Help reduce survivor stress
Begins Tuesday, January 25th at the Volunteer Center of Washington County under the auspices of the Youth Volunteer Corp (YVC), and AmeriCorps and the Washington County School District. Participants receive Certificate of Completion as well as CPR validation.

Meet weekly 6-8:30 for 8 weeks (20 hours to complete) Free!
Registration deadline Friday, January 21st 
Call to register 435-674-5757 ext 105

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