Sunday, January 30, 2011

Over the Edge Sports

Building Bike Trails
Quentin and DJ Morrissette own Over the Edge Sports, Hurricane's bike shop. Every Wednesday they work on building a new mountain bike trail across from Quail Lake and I took the kids out there last week. My 4 year old loved helping build the trail. My 2 year old complained and wanted to be held.
 If you are interested in helping build the new mountain bike trail, contact DJ or Quentin at Over the Edge Sports 435-635-5455 or find them on Facebook where they usually post their trail building plans. Please only work on the trail under their supervision!

My husband and I both bought our Ibis Mojos from Over the Edge Sports. The shop rents bikes too if you want to try one out or if you are from out of town.
Over the Edge Sports
100 S. 76 E. Hurricane, UT

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