Tuesday, February 19, 2013


St. George Mom is being updated!

I have decided to move from Blogger to Wordpress, so now you can find St. George Mom at: 

Here are some new features that will be added with the update:
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming Events
  • Pages with lots of links to activities, places, & local businesses
  • More posts about our community, businesses, and fitness
  • An awesome new look (still under construction)
Please bookmark the new page and follow St. George Mom on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. How did the transition from Blogspot to Wordpress go? I have been running my chiropractic site on wordpress for a couple of years and it seems to be working well for me. I really appreciate the versatility and being able to add the plugins

    1. I still learning about Wordpress. I missed the Community Education's class on Wordpress, so hopefully they will offer another. I do like the new calendar and events features. Thanks for reading Dr. White.