Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water Conservation Week

Celebrate Water Conservation Week by attending the:
Washington County Garden Fair

Monday 4pm-7pm
The Garden in Tonaquint Park
1857 S. Dixie Drive, St. George

Booths, games, prizes, music, & treats. All Free!!

Washington County Water Walk: 7pm-8pm Starting at the Garden and following the trail to Cottonwood Cove Park 1027 S. Dixie Dr. Join the symbolic 2-mile walk with Mayor McArthur on the trail along the river in recognition of the 3 to 6 miles women and children in water-stressed regions walk every day to get water for their family while learning about our own local water concerns.

May 4th- Washington County Quail Creek Regional Treatment Plant Tours (WWTP):1550 W. 3780 S. (turn right on 3780 S, WWTP is at the end of the road). Guided tours will leave at regular intervals beginning at 1pm. The WWTP treats waste water from St. George, Washington, Ivins, and Santa Clara cities. Learn how waste water is treated and the beneficial use it is put to once the treatment process is complete. Also learn how you can help protect water quality by learning what not to put down the drain.

For more information call 435-673-3617

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